We all end up somewhere, but did we end up there on purpose?  A plan is a road map, and we all know that there are typically detours during the journey.  We understand that true wealth means so much more to you than financial assets. It's deploying everything of value you possess:  your talents, gifts, values, and your money...to accomplish what is most important to you.  Paladin acts as your trusted partner to help ensure that you have a comprehensive plan that is durable through times of turbulence as well as sunshine.                            

Paladin Wealth Partners has the experience, perspective, and proven process to help you articulate and accomplish your goals. It goes beyond simply managing assets. We help simplify the complex, and bring an independent and objective perspective to your life.

Financial & Retirement Planning

For most, retirement is a big deal.  It is the culmination of decades of hard work, sacrifice, and investment, and a start of a new phase in life. It’s a significant goal and a time to celebrate.  Paladin understands that retirement is not the end zone for your life’s goals, and you have much more you want to achieve.

Will your assets outlive you?  Will you have the income required to maintain your desired quality of life? Will your wealth be threatened by potential healthcare expenses later in life?  How do you accomplish your goals to the next generation during your life?  We help design and execute a holistic financial plan so that you are free to live your life.

Investment Management

When you have the right information and the right partner, you can invest with clarity and conviction.  As an independent adviser utilizing an open-architecture platform, Paladin empowers clients to do just that.

We are individual in practice, institutional in approach. We believe independence is important:  We are able to blend insight from some of the most respected investment firms and economists in the world into our proprietary investment strategy designed to meet your unique goals and risk profile.  Open architecture means that we are free to construct portfolios that fit you best - whether passive, active, traditional or alternative – and we are not beholden to specific investment programs or managers.  Our fee-based approach aligns our goals with yours, placing a strong focus on minimizing costs within a portfolio.

Our investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory which places particular emphasis on optimizing risk taking with return potential across your investment assets.  With this intent, we aim to design portfolios that benefit from balanced risk taking across global capital markets.

Estate & Succession Planning

Estate planning needs range from simple to extremely complex and can change over time.  Quite often, there are multiple advisers involved (e.g. lawyers and accountants) focusing on their particular area of knowledge, but gaps remain.  Paladin helps bring it all together.  We focus on identifying the risks you face through your lifetime and offer thought leadership and objective solutions.  We advise clients in areas such as asset location and ownership, trust structures and administration, insurance solutions, gifting programs, and estate plans so that clients can feel confident that their assets get where they want them to go in an efficient and purposeful way.

Tax Planning

Taxes play a meaningful role in virtually all family wealth decisions.  Tax laws are complicated, but the proper integration of tax management into financial planning can be a critical element in building, preserving, and endowing wealth. Paladin utilizes a “tax-aware” approach in its planning and investment management strategies, working in tandem with your tax adviser to help coordinate tax efficiency for you and your family.  

Family CFO / CIO Services

Clients rarely have all of their wealth in one place and sometimes have multiple adviser relationships. To be successful long-term, there is a need for someone to play “quarterback” for the overall program;  someone possessing both the time and technical capability to execute consistently over time.  Paladin can play the role of family CFO / Chief Investment Officer: an objective “trusted adviser” to help coordinate and manage your net worth ecosystem in a family-office style approach, creating a seamless benefit to your immediate family as well as future generations.

Family Education & Governance

Applying best practices of highly successful wealthy families.  Quite often through time, family wealth rarely survives beyond the third generation.  When it comes to communication between family members, nothing in wealth management is more critical - or complicated. This does not have to be the case. Paladin can partner with your family to provide objective and experienced guidance to help you navigate the many blessings and challenges associated with wealth. With a deep understanding of your family’s unique needs, goals and dynamics, we help your family incorporate the proven best practices of successful families to successfully transfer their financial, intellectual and human capital on through the generations.

When working with your family, we consider needs such as values and mission statements for the family; succession planning; financial education; and facilitated family meetings.